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GMA Network Samples Dunbrae Coffee Essentials


It was indeed a pleasant surprise when Coffee Essentials was invited to take part in the Annual Health and Wellness Fair held at Studio 4 inside the GMA Network Center, arguably the country’s largest broadcast media company. This served as the perfect kickoff for our “Paving the Way to Your Own Café” campaign and our expansion into the Manila market.

A total of 28 exhibitors took part in this very well attended event showcasing a wide array of products and services ranging from portable massagers , hangover elixirs, fertility testing and uhm, “Mensa level” IQ boosting. I will not elaborate about the latter.

Without a doubt, the real star of the day was our freshly brewed coffee served no less by our boss barista Dana Mackenzie. She attracted so much attention that her presence was being whispered as far as the next building by employees eager to have a taste of our brew.

The comedic tandem of television personalities Betong and May played host to the festivities and Dana was more than willing to ham it up with the comical duo when she was interviewed to discuss how consuming coffee affects our bodies. Dana also enlightened them on the merits of taking decaffeinated coffee that can even be taken by pregnant women.

Vernon Jacela, Senior Manager for GMA’s Administration and Post-Production Department thoroughly enjoyed our offering along with Ms. Rose Orense and Mr. TJ Pusong of News and Current Affairs who incidentally made this free participation for Dunbrae possible.

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